Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a message from Perry Noble

Found this one at Perry's blog and it made me stop and think.  Read on and hear God for yourself:


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He Needed Some Help Up

Several weeks ago I shared the following story at NewSpring Church…but I just can't seem to get it out of my head.

Last month I was in Oklahoma to record my One Prayer message at LifeChurch…and on the way back to the airport the crew I was with decided to stop at Mi Mi's cafe for some grub.

While walking towards the front door I noticed an elderly gentlemen walking across the other end of the parking lot…and it was literally a struggle for him to take a step.  He wasn't "normal" I guess you could say.  And so…when he went to step up on the curb he fell flat on his face.

He tried to get up…but he couldn't.  And so finally he just began to hit the ground and say out loud over and over again, "God #$%& it, God @#$% it!"  (For those wondering…yes, he took the Lord's name in vein!

At this point I ran over to him…but before I finish the story I want to include…
He didn't need a lecture about using dirty words - He had fallen, he was hurt.  Would I have been right if I had told him not to use those words?  Yes, heck, I even have verses to back that up…but it wasn't about being right.   If I had lectured him I would have missed meeting his greatest need.

He didn't need to be studied - Seriously, he didn't need me getting the group I was with for a discussion as to whether or not he was predestined to fall…or whether he had fallen because of the choices he had made.

He didn't need to be put into a program - The biggest need for this guy was NOT to be enrolled in a "How to walk effectively across the parking lot class."

He didn't need to be ignored - I could have just acted as if he wasn't there; after all, there were lots of people in the restaurant already…and if it would have gotten too many people in it then everyone would have not been able to know everyone.  It IS about who knows who–isn't it?

He didn't need me to try and establish a relationship with him - An invitation to "hang out" at my house in order to establish community would have done this guy no good.

What he needed was for me to put out my hand and help him up…which is what I did.  At first he tried to tell me he was ok…but he and I both knew the opposite was true.  I helped the guy to his feet and he thanked me over and over.  I tried to help him inside the restaurant…but he told me he could make it from there.

I walked inside and dismissed myself from the crew I was with.  I went to the restroom and about lost it.  The Lord spoke to my heart and showed me that people in this world who are lost are just like that old man…but unfortunately the church wants to lecture people like that…or get into groups to study them…or ignore them…or whatever else…

BUT what these people need is for the church to extend a hand and help them–for that is when we will have our greatest opportunity to point out the fact that they need Jesus.  Jesus said in Matthew 20:28 that He didn't come to be served but to serve…and that should be our passion as well…serve others into the kingdom.

That little episode in Oklahoma messed me up!  People all around us have fallen…they need our help…the church is more equipped to help than ANYONE or ANYTHING in the world.  The question is will we be willing to step up and extend a helping hand?

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