Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Prayer Meetings for "30 Days to Live"

We are gearing up for an excited series that is about leading people to think about this question: What would you do if you had 30 days to live?  That is a huge question that we must answer and ask.  We are called us to demonstrate the love of God to our community, and this is one more avenue to do just that.
Please join the prayer effort in preparing for this series that begins on Sunday, September 14th.
Our home prayer meetings to prepare for 30 Days to Live begin tonight.  Your leadership team encourages you to choose a few of these to attend and to spend some time preparing yourself and helping prepare others for what God has in store for us.  Each meeting will be about 45 minutes long and at 7 in the evening.  Kids are welcome.  A leadership team member will lead the prayer times.
Below is a list of the first week of locations for the prayer meetings (more listings will come the end of the week).  Below the listing are general directions to each location. 
TUESDAY, SEPT 2 --- Julie and Michael Harrison, 12 Greentree St., Collinsville, 647-4749
WEDNESDAY, SEPT 3 --- Deb and Doug Mosely, 850 Southland Dr., Martinsville, 956-4657
THURSDAY, SEPT 4 --- Nancy Wright, 1355 Hardie Stone Road, Patrick Springs, 276-694-2044
FRIDAY, SEPT 5 ---  Sheri and Trey Harris, 85 Weeping Willow Road, Bassett, 629-1472
SATURDAY, SEPT 6 --- @ church after our event with Margaret Feinberg
SUNDAY, SEPT 7 --- Justin and Sarah Taylor, 5920 Horsepasture Price Road, Spencer, 732-4597
                                (we will most likely add one or two more homes to Sunday)
SEPT 8-13 ---  will be announced later this week
Directions to these homes:
HARRISON, turn off of North Daniels Creek Road onto Kirkwood (where Self-Service Wholesale is) and right on Greentree, 1st house on right
MOSLEY, 220 toward Ridgeway, Turn onto Fisher Farm Road at State Police station, first road on right is Southland Drive, on right 8/10 of a mile, swing set in front yard
WRIGHT, turn off of County Line Road in the Sanville area onto Hardie Stone Road (near fire station), go three miles, on right mail box has 1351 on it and has a huge pile of red dirt around it, go up hill to last house
HARRIS, turn between the Dodge Store and McDonalds on 220 in Bassett, cross bridge, turn right on Weeping Willow, 2nd house on left.
TAYLOR, directions later this week
Please attend as many of these prayer times as you would like!  It will be a blessing to you and all who attend...We also are in need of a few more homes (to host an event in your home all you need to do is having something for people to drink and provide a place to meet...that is all).  Call the church if you will open your home.
The Community Fellowship
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