Monday, November 3, 2008

Family is one of those precious things that God blesses us with.  I need to share with you that I am so blessed to have a sweet wife and 3 great kids.  Beyond that my wife has a neat and loving family that even loves me.  I have a mom and dad, now married for over 48 years, who so special to me and 2 great brothers.

Today my middle brother (I'm the youngest) went through something I dread but know that will come our way in the near future.  His dog Spike died.  We have had Zeke for 14 years and are watching him go downhill much of the time in his health.  So when my brother asked for prayer early today, I understood.  

Tonight I pass on to you an email and a picture he sent this evening.  I am proud of Ric and love him dearly.  He is a great guy.  Here is that note:

(My brother that I ask you to pray for is Ric Harrison)

Today, November 3, 2008, Spike went to play with all of our friends and family that have preceded us in death.  Spike was about 15 (he never told his age, we just had to guess).  Spike had been with me since he was about 1 year old.  He was a constant companion in my life.  Spike is survived by his best friends Ric and Clairee'.  He will be so missed.

I am so grateful for all of the wonderful times we had together.  We made many wonderful memories together.

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