Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning

  • Psalms 46:10 - slow down and recognize the voice and work of God around us today.
  • Reading an article that Tony Morgan pointed to today. Click HERE.  Good, good stuff.
  • We added a new leadership team member last week.  Nancy Wright will deal with administration and continue her roles with guest services and volunteers.  Welcome Nancy!
  • Excellent day at The Community on Sunday as we talked about "The Economy & My Faith" using 2 Kings 4:1-7.
  • Some of those Super Bowl commercials were awesome
  • The Super Bowl was kind of dull durinig the first half.  The last 5 minutes were priceless.  I know my heart is OK after that stress on it.  Surely the Card's and the Steelers need some stress relief now.  Ha.
  • Today's TV show will be on early at 12:30 and can be seen here live.  This is due to the live blood drive they are having with the American Red Cross this afternoon.
  • New floors are going down in our kitchen this morning.  Headed that way to get them started in a minute.
  • On Saturday Pastor Rob Lovell from New Beginnings Church in Saginaw, Michigan passed away after a battle with Luekemia.  he leaves behind his wife, Courtney, 4 great kids, more family and a great church.  Please pray for this family.  The memorial service is this coming Saturday.
  • Got to say one more thing...I love my kids.  All three of them had a moment with me this week.  Growing up too fast!!! But I love their hearts and their hugs.  By the way, the budget is rocking ... paid all the bills thru the middle of the month and we have money left.  Check out Joe Sangl for stuff that will make your budget work.
  • God is good ... All the time! Praying that I will and you will be excited about demonstrating the love of God to our community and beyond.  Have an awesome week.

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