Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rob Lovell

Pictured are Rob and Courtney Lovell from Saginaw, Michigan. A little
after noon yesterday, January 30th, Rob left earth for his new home in
heaven. He fought a difficult battle with Lukemia that quickly too
Rob's health but not his faith.

As a pastor he severed in several states and loved to share God's
truth. We met via and hit it off fast. Though we
talked only a few times, I felt a strong connection to Rob.

He leaves behind his wife, Courtney, four kids, a great family as well
as a church family that loved him dearly. Please be praying for this

One last note. Though Rob doesn't verbally speak to us any longer, his
faith speaks volumes about the goodness of God. May we be so committed
to God that even if we are hit with great sickness or other
difficulties that we remain faithful to our God who is full of mercy
and never ending faithfullness.

Thank you, God, for allowing our paths to cross with Rob Lovell.

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oopsie said...

Dear Mike,
Thank you for being such a great encouragement! - Courtney

happy birthday, Julie

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