Monday, March 2, 2009

serving others

We had the closet thing to a snow storm here in Virginia since I have lived here.  So we spent some extra time as family today.  Sorry for the short and late devotion.
Let me at least share some of my heart with you ... yesterday was a great day at The Community Fellowship as we shared ideas about serving our community through Servolution on April 3-9 (go to for more info) and heard about ministry in Applachia from Bill Barker (he leads
As I sat and listening, God continued to break my heart for those who are far from Him.  Those who are poor, depressed and even homeless.  You see, God is calling me and our church to be more about this issue.  Maybe He is doing the same for you.  One thing that I have to say makes life so worth living and doing ministry is watching others get excited about it and hearing from God.  You should have heard the conversations I had yesterday as many of our people said, "I'm In" as we minister to those in need.  This is so good.
Today, this verse has been on my mind:
Matthew 20:28 (nlt) --- For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.
Not self serving but Savior serving.  Taking people at their lowest place or headed that direction and pointing them to the one who really matters ... are our lives doing that?  Are we really serving others?
God, please break our hearts when we lack the desire for and are not serving others! In Jesus' name, Amen.


Amanda said...

I've found that God has called me to serve the very young and unborn. A lot of opportunities to do this have cropped up in my life suddenly and I'm so excited that I'm seeing my service making a difference. I joined the March of Dimes March for Babies and was able to raise more than $500 in a month! I also was able to get other friends on board for that and they are also raising money. I learned of a young baby in desperate need of a heart transplant and none of the local hospitals would take him, but because of the efforts of many of us, he was accepted at a hospital across the country ( I also felt led to go stand and pray as part of the 40 Days for Life campaign, and while there last week, I met a wonderful new friend and we are hearing of others around the country who are saving lives through prayer during this event. It's so wonderful to hear God's voice telling me he needs to use me somewhere and then knowing what my service is able to do!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
I agree with most of your words...and am excited to hear that your church is ready to serve. However, your words stating that the "Those who are poor, depressed and even homeless...are far from Him" may give a false sense of security to those who are not (poor, depressed and homeless). Also, this statement suggests that the Spirit's ability is limited to those of higher economic status. Lastly, as referred to in Scripture, the rich man was the one who had the most difficult time getting into Heaven. I agree we are called to minister to the poor, depressed and homeless (and everyone else); just not that they are necessarily in need of salvation.

happy birthday, Julie

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