Monday, May 18, 2009

Innovate Church ’09: Kerry Shook

Innovate Church '09: Kerry Shook


(Kerry is author of One Month to Live and pastor of Church of the Woodlands near Houston, TX)


It's not the size of your church but the life that is in it that matters.




1.         what would you do it you had only one month to live?


2.         what would you do if your church had only one month to live?

  • What can I do to impact my community for eternity?


Psalm 90:12


We often have the someday syndrome saying that when this happens or when that is gone we will do …


The challenge is this: Live the next month as if its your last by:


(1)       live passionately, John 10:10, Luke 7:31

  • Great illustration of helping the homeless shelters in Houston by having church members  give their shoes during worship services.

(2)       love completely, John 13

  • Jesus invested in relationships
  • Don't leave anything undone.
  • First, say it now (seeking forgiveness, healing relationships). Second, show it now (give flowers before someone dies, show love). Third, share it now.

(3)       learn humbly, Philippians 3:5ff

  • Sometimes we get distracted
  • Learn how to say NO!
  • The little things make the biggest difference.
  • Great illustrations of taking time with your kids.  Make the moments count.

(4)       lead boldly, Luke 9:51

  • Jesus left a bold legacy and changed the world
  • Are we building sandcastle lives?  Ones that will wash away with the storm.
  • Build something that lasts forever.

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