Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pete Wilson on PASSION

For some time I have been reading Pete Wilson's blog and following him on twitter.  More than an encourager, Pete walks what he talks.  The blog post I am copying below has been speaking to my heart and life for a couple days.  Needed to share it with you.  I also encourage you to follow Pete.  Read on...

The Source of My Passion

This morning I'm going back to my office. I'm thankful for my job and love my church to death, but as many of you know

ministry can be difficult…

Long meetings

Staff issues

Financial pressures

Difficult conversations

Public pressures

Frequent criticism

High expectations

Writing blocks

Hateful e-mails

Never-ending hours

To sustain this every ministry leader has to have their heart broken from time to time. They have to find a way to recalibrate. They have to wrestle with what Jesus really meant when he said "feed my sheep."  They have to get down to the core of why they really do what they do.

I'll go back to my desk today but if anyone ever wonders what keeps me going… if you ever wonder where I reach when I need to give a little more than I have… or how I get motivated to keep going when I want to quit?  I don't think about giving a dynamic message on a stage or sitting in powerful meetings and making the right call. I don't even think about the massive vision God's put in my heart that's ten years away.

I think about people… broken people… hurting people… impoverished people. I think about the thousands of people God allowed my life to intersect with last week in India. I'll think about these images…

TO SEE THE PICTURES and read the rest of this blog post CLICK HERE

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