Monday, May 2, 2011

The Most Segregated Hour of the Week (Scott Williams' new book "Church Diversity")

You need to take a hard look at Scott Williams' book, Church Diversity and see God is saying to the church.  Scott shares about Sunday morning at 11am being the most segregated hour of the week.  For too long the church has said nothing, been silent on this issue.  Yet I see a steady climb in the desire of like minded people full of passion beginning to work together.  

Scott Williams is one of the sharpest and most encouraging people that I follow.  Till recently he was one of the campus pastors at and before that was a prison warden.  Scott's experience and his passion leads well this charge to help church leaders impact our communities in bigger ways than ever before.

The issue of race has been big in the places I have served in the past.  My hometown, Tulsa, had the definite line of North and South Tulsa.  Even the town I served for a decade and where I met my wife, Vidalia, was divided by the railroad tracks.  The white church and black church did almost nothing together.  It is a shame that our government and schools have taken steps to break down barriers that the church has continued to build.

It is time to deal with this and cross some lines that Christians have sought to avoid for too long.

Click here for a video from Scott.

Church Diversity is more than a book it's a movement of God, pastors, ministry leaders, volunteers, congregants, and the community. It's about the Church changing its perspective to become part of a culture-changing and world-changing movement. A new and different future begins with the turning of these pages, taking this journey, and speaking the truth in this vital conversation.

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Scott Williams said...

Thanks for the love... I pretty much claim Tulsa as my hometown as well. Praying for the body of Christ to makes some strides.

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