Friday, March 9, 2012

100 new people & how God is blessing The Community

notes from The Community Fellowship

Last Sunday we introduced the concept of "100" new people for 2012 at The Community Fellowship.  It is the belief of our leadership team that God has called us to target people we know that don't know Jesus and don't attend church.  You are asked to think of 2 people that in the coming weeks you will pray for and invite to join us at church.  If each of us do this, we will grow in big ways.

Why do we need to grow?  First, God called us to lead people to Him.  Second, we know people that need the peace that we have found in Jesus.  Third, new people will help us accomplish our goal of "demonstrating the love of God to our community".  All of this comes with the fact that we are stronger together.  Who are you going to invite to church?

This Sunday begins a brand new series at.  It is called THE BLESSED LIFE and deals with the fact that God wants to bless His people even when the economy is not good.  

Easter is only a few weeks away (Sunday, April 8th), and we will be offering two worship services on that day.  They will be at 8:28am and at our normal 10:10am.  We will need volunteers to serve that day.  Who are you going to invite to be with us for this special day of worshipping Jesus?  People are more open to an invite at Easter and Christmas.  Think about, pray about who you are going to invite.

This week is our 2nd Saturday FREE Community Meal & Clothes Closet from 9am to noon.  Volunteers need to arrive at 8:30am.  Please pass the word to those in need, and please come help.

We are grateful that we continue to see God do incredible things in the lives of people around our church family, and this week is evidence that God is at work.  May our lives be a testimony to the love of God and may our actions literally "demonstrate the love of God to our community" as we interact with people each day.

For more information about The Community Fellowship call 276-647-8231 or email

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