Tuesday, July 10, 2012

time to listen (again)

There are times that it is hard to listen.  Maybe it is because of growing cold to a situation or to a person.  Might be because you just can’t hear because of sickness or something in the way of hearing.  If we will be honest about life, we would share that we have to learn lessons over and over again.

That was the case with one of the greatest men in the Bible.  We know him as Moses, and this guy had some issues like you and I do.  He was blessed and was even a great leader.  But he couldn’t always hear. 

There was a time when his father-in-law Jethro came to visit, and what Moses needed to hear wasn’t easy.  Yet listening would mean more blessing for himself and the people he served.  The same is true for us.  If we will listen, learn and respond right, many good things would happen. 

Jethro spent time with his family but also saw that what Moses was doing was not the best that could happen.  Listen in for a minute…

Moses' father-in-law said, "This is no way to go about it. You'll burn out, and the people right along with you. This is way too much for you—you can't do this alone. Now listen to me. Let me tell you how to do this so that God will be in this with you. Be there for the people before God, but let the matters of concern be presented to God. Your job is to teach them the rules and instructions, to show them how to live, what to do. And then you need to keep a sharp eye out for competent men—men who fear God, men of integrity, men who are incorruptible—and appoint them as leaders over groups organized by the thousand, by the hundred, by fifty, and by ten. They'll be responsible for the everyday work of judging among the people. They'll bring the hard cases to you, but in the routine cases they'll be the judges. They will share your load and that will make it easier for you. If you handle the work this way, you'll have the strength to carry out whatever God commands you, and the people in their settings will flourish also."

What Jethro said was full of wisdom and success.  Many of the things we need to hear and the people we need to listen to are full of wisdom that will make us more successful and help way more people than just us. 

What keeps you from hearing?  For me it is often pride that gets in the way.  It is time to admit that I am stronger, we are stronger, when we listen to the people that God puts in our lives.

How do we know that Moses listened and learned?  He did something with what his father-in-law told him.

Moses listened to the counsel of his father-in-law and did everything he said.

Let’s listen and learn.  God will use this to help us grow and be more successful.  For me that means more and more people will be helped and encouraged to help.  I am in for that!

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