Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DANIEL FAST (day one)

DAY 1 

notes from Cindy DeOms
leader at The Community Fellowship

NOTES: This is Michael!  Over the days of this fast I am going to share with you notes and insight from Cindy who has been a leader at our church since we began.  Her insight will help us to stick to the fast and make it successful.  I pray that each of us see God do amazing things as we seek Him each day.

As January first approaches, those of us participating in the Daniel fast may be working out meals for the next few days.  If you rely on fast food for those days that get crazy busy and are concerned about keeping the fast, don't worry.  Your options on eating out are more limited but you can successfully navigate the Daniel fast with some restaurant food.

Most restaurants (even fast food) offer salad these days.  As long as you steer clear of meat and cheese, salads are a good eating out option.  But be careful with the dressings.  Most commercially prepared salad dressing is loaded with refined sugar, especially the low fat ones.  Either go with  just oil and vinegar (readily available in most places but you may have to ask) or opt out of dressing altogether.  I will talk about making your own salad dressing at church this Wednesday if you are interested.  I have a friend who will bring her own dressing into a restaurant when she fasts!

Many places have vegetarian or vegan options these days so ask.  A couple of “side” dishes can make a meal.  A baked potato is a great and you can get used to it without butter or sour cream.  A side of broccoli or spinach is great mixed with the potato (home or out) and makes the lack of butter less noticeable.  If you aren't sure how a dish is prepared, just as the server because you have to watch for hidden sugars or butter.

If you order something then realize it does have an ingredient not allowed, don't beat yourself up.  I went to the Olive Garden during my last fast and ordered whole wheat pasta with plain marinara, which sounded like it would be acceptable.  As soon as I tasted it, I realized that the sauce must have a lot of sugar because it was pretty sweet, especially to my fasting senses.  I ate it anyway because not only was I extremely hungry, I was also with my family (who were not fasting).  For me to sit and not eat would have made them uncomfortable and me super grumpy.

I know you guys can do this and can't wait to hear the stories of what God does and how He uses your sacrifices!  Tomorrow I will share some sample meals that I eat during this fast.

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