Thursday, May 2, 2013

cardboard TESTIMONIES & a great weekend at The Community

Dear COMMUNITY family and friends -

We are gearing up for a great weekend at church, and you are invited to be a part of something that will encourage you and many, many others.  This Sunday we will be sharing CARDBOARD TESTIMONIES.  This is where you take small pieces of what God has done in your life and share it with others.  All you need is a few instructions (read on) and a piece of cardboard.

Here is side 1 of the cardboard:

cardboard testimony side 1

write on side 1 what God has brought you through like: I was lost and had no hope, OR I was battling addiction, ORMy marriage was messed up… simple be creative and honest about what God has brought you through.

Here is side 2 of the cardboard:

cardboard testimony side 2

write what God has done in you like: I am saved have hope, OR I have help with my addiction, OR My marriage was saved ... Share your powerful testimony of what God has done in your life.  Use as few words as possible and make it as big as possible.

If you have questions, write us en email to  Bring your cardboard this Sunday morning and prepare to be blessed and to bless others.

Next weekend is Mother's Day which means it is our annual Mother's Day Car Care Clinic.  Spaces are almost all full for this.  Volunteers are needed to help as this is an extended time for our FREE community meal and clothes closet.  Listen for more details this Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you this coming Sunday and bring someone with you to church as we end the I LOVE COMMUNITY series.  If you ordered a t-shirt, you can pick yours up or you can order one as well.  Remember that we are called to demonstrate the love of God to our community and beyond.  See you Sunday!!!


With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison

– James 1:5

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