Friday, February 6, 2015

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! 70's @ The Community

What do we learn from the past?  That is a loaded question because we learn loads of things from the past including much about our God.  What God did in the past He can and will do again plus more.


But one thing we know about our past is that God doesn’t define us by what we have done in the past.  God has forgiven what we have done and set us on a new path for the future.


We still learn a lot from the past.  That is one reason why we are learning this month during our series Back In the Day, and this week we are turning back time to the 1970’s.  So dress up.  Get creative.  Prepare for fun.  Bring people with you to church.  There will be prizes for those who show up in their best 70’s gear.


As for the message we are turning back in time once again to an Old Testament story where our God showed up, showed off and gave His people confidence in their God.  We cannot wait to share this truth with you and to worship with you as we gather.


Join us Sunday at 10:10am and bring someone with you.  It is time to celebrate Jesus and have some fun.  See you Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!



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