Saturday, June 20, 2015

join in worship, pray for Charleston, encourage those around you

Please consider joining us for worship Sunday morning at 10:10am.  We will be celebrating Father's Day.  Yeah, it's not as special as Mother's Day, but it is an important day for all of us.  Thus, there will be something special at the end of our worship that you won't want to miss (hint: do you like really cold, sweet tasting, creamy goodness?).  We will also be sending our students off to youth camp and seeking prayer partners for our students as they head off to Richmond for SBCV's FUSION camp (it's a mix of mission trip and awesome camp).  During the service there will be a time to discuss the things that happened this week in Charleston.  Please come out to pray and to worship.  This is a great time for our Community family to be together!

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