Friday, June 5, 2015

random leadership thoughts

I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths.

As we move in to the weekend, the first of summer 2015, I want to give you some small bites of wisdom.  These have rolled through before but have much to think about and to apply as we seek God and share / lead others.  Read on…

--- Let the forgiveness of God and your past be your past, and move on to the bright future God has for you.  The people that we lead deserve the best possible leaders.  I pray they not only hear my voice and feel my heartbeat, but that they are also influenced by the passion I have to make a difference in our community and beyond! (Dec ’13)

--- When we chose to follow Jesus, life will not always be easy, but at that moment we will lead like Jesus.  That is a calling on each of our lives where we like it or not. (Jan ’11)

--- We've seen God work in the past.  He will do it again.  We are firm in our faith and not going to waver from this.  Our own thinking will lead us in the wrong direction.  By not trusting God we will find ourselves questioning and losing our confidence. (Oct ’14)

--- Integrity is one essential way to impact others.  Without integrity we are phony.  Another key to leading is humility which is a way to open the hearts and lives of the people around us.  When we are dependable, people will count on us and begin to let us speak in to their lives. (Oct ’14)

--- We don’t serve to make ourselves feel better or to do penance.  We serve to honor God and share Christ.  It really is that simple. (July ’14)

--- For God's people to see success and have God's promises, their leader had to be strong and courageous.  The people had to live with God's strength and with courage.  What happens when we choose to live that way?  What happens is success and more.  (Oct ’09)

--- Bold and courageous people are often opposed.  We will be called arrogant and find that there are lots of questions and lots of obstacles.  It is easier to deal with the obstacles when we know that God has a plan and is working His plan through us.  Knowing that God is for us makes a huge difference. (Oct ’13)

--- “The trap the enemy wants us to fall into is worshiping the blessings rather than the Blessor.” ~ Robert Morris  (May ’15)

--- Good leaders ... motivate and encourage people to be their best.  Good leaders ... are known for their honesty and integrity and morals.  Good leaders ... seek out other good leaders for wisdom.  Good leaders ... give life and refresh people so others will be good leaders.  Good leaders ... invest in what will last, and that is not always money. (Nov ’09)

I pray that we will truly lead like Jesus with a legacy that far outlasts us.

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