Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas GIVING at The Community

Community Family and Friends -

We are deep into December already, and it is time to ramp up our Christmas celebration as well as the love of God that we get to show to others.  This Sunday we will begin a new series at The Community called "Christmas ARK's".  ARK's are acts of random kindness.  You will be encouraged this month to take several steps to show kindness and to serve others.

Here are some ways that CHRISTMAS GIVING is happening at The Community AND where your help is needed


During the sermon this Sunday we will share ways to bless others, and you will be asked to take an envelope with you after church.  There will be some empty envelopes, and some envelopes will have up $50 in them.  You will be encouraged to take an envelope in order to bless someone else.  Each person who takes an envelope will be asked to at least double the amount of money inside of it.  Be ready to serve.


The following Sunday (Dec 13th) we will have Christmas cards for each of us to write to the staff and workers at John Redd Smith Elementary School.  We will share these at the school as well as feed these workers the week of December 14th.  Your help will be needed.


That same Sunday (Dec 13th) we will Christmas Lunch during our morning worship service.  The meat and drinks will be provided by the church, and everyone is encouraged to join in and bring side dishes and desserts to share with others.  You won't want to miss this great service full of music and a special message as well as a time to celebrate with our church family.


We still have many foster children that we have adopted this Christmas and need to provide gifts for.  Please pick up this Sunday one or more gift tickets and go buy gifts for this special kids in our community.  Gifts are to come back to church, Sunday, Dec 13th.  Please help us reach our goal of serving every child on our list.


It is time for our Winter Warming Shelters to be open again.  They are open with the temperature is 32 degrees or below.  Volunteers are needed to stay overnight, to do intake or to provide meals.  Items needed for donation are bedding, coats, socks, breakfast food items, hygiene products and the like.  For more information see me, Pastor Michael, or call the volunteer coordinator for this project, Sharon Peters, at 276-734-5882.


This offering is taken until the end of December.  It will be shared in many different ways locally, state wide, around the country and to the ends of the each.  Please consider making your Christmas offering count in bigs ways in this way.  You can give online HERE and click mission offering.

That is a load to share with you, but what I am most excited about is sharing this Christmas season with you in the next 3 Sundays.  I look forward to serving and worshipping together.

May God bless each of our family and our community as we seek to demonstrate the love of God to our community and beyond this Christmas season!

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison
-- James 1:5

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