Thursday, March 10, 2016

the next step

Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity.

Have you ever thought about the consequences of your choices?  I am not talking about the small choices like where will you eat dinner or what shirt will you wear today.  It is the choices about conversations, relationships, responses, jobs or even purchases and trips.

Some of the things we think have not impact on others are the biggest things to change our lives and the lives of others.  Some choices of a few minutes have ended up costing people years off their lives or even death.

Dear friend, don’t let this bad example influence you. Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do good prove that they are God’s children, and those who do evil prove that they do not know God.

Choices are a big deal.  I have recently taken some time to investigate some choices I made about 10 years ago.  It I amazing how several things that came through my life, opportunities and time spent to be more precise, have led to some of the things that I am dealing with or experiencing at this point in my life.

You read that right.  10 years later I am seeing the results of my choices.  This is the very reason that our God guides us to be wise with our words and our choices. 

Take a few minutes to think about your choices in the past.  Then, take some time to think about your choices today that will impact the future.  Literally these minutes may to better or maybe worse days.  The choice is yours.

They share freely and give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will be remembered forever. They will have influence and honor.

My prayer is that my choices will may my family stronger, will leave the church better and able to reach more people and make my community a much better place to live.  The next step is important.

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