Thursday, March 9, 2017

who makes you better?

We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.

Who are they?  Who are the people who complete you or who make you better and stronger?  There are many of them in my life, and I would bet there are many in your life as well.

We are called and expected to make the lives of others better.  This can be done through many ways, and it should be done in many ways.  By what we say people can be built up or even torn done.  By our actions toward people we can strengthen their lives.  With a written note, a text message or even by a comment to another person about that person we can make people better.

There are many people in my life that make me better, and I would like to “thank you” as well as point out just a few of them in today’s post.  Please know that I am going to miss pointing to some people today, and I hate that.  So, before I mention anyone realize that many of you have made a difference in my life.

Through my 46 years that have been people that made me better, and these are those who I cannot get to because they have gone on from this life.  I begin with my mom.  It has been almost 18 months since she left us, but I had a few moments early this week that I wanted to call her and just talk.  That special woman made a difference in my life every year.  My friend Eldred Davis left us last year, and I miss him often and our breakfast conversations that made me better.  Becky Smith challenged me often before she left for heaven, and she strengthened the way I serve others.  Many friends have died that made me stronger.

Every day there are people have locked arms and joined hands with me to serve people from our church.  Currently I wish to thank Michael, Michele and Gloria who each work day are making a difference in the lives of people, and their commitment allows me to push further and to worry less (I am grateful for all three of you).  Our leadership team makes me better.  Currently they are Kasim, Bruce, Jennifer, Sean, Julie, Shannon and Doug.  I love you all and need you daily to keep doing what you are doing.  There are many more at church that make me so much better.

Through the years I have met people that poured in to my life for short periods of time that left a huge mark on my life.  I remember sitting in my grandparent’s living room, Bill and Dimple Harrison, as they talked with me about my first mission trip.  Julie and I met Joe Sangl at a time we needed to learn about our finances, and his time made us stronger.  Margaret Fienberg started with a book and meeting for a brief moment but has since poured in to my life and work.  My youth ministry Phil Dietz taught me a lot as did my best friend in later high school years, Chad Coleman, made me better.  Each of them and others mean the world to me and make me stronger.

I cannot forget those closest to me.  The text from my brother Steve on a regular basis or the note from my brother Ric both challenge me to greater steps.  My dad believes in me, and he shows me that often.  I am forever in his debt and grateful for him.  My sweet wife of almost 24 years does this often without even knowing it.  She makes me so much better.  And our kids… I am challenged and blessed every time I see them live strong.

You get the point.  We need each other.  We need to make each other better.  Who is that has made you better and stronger?

Don’t stop there.  Who is it today that you will make a choice to make them stronger and better?

John 1:16  NLT
From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.

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