But Jesus said, "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children."   Matthew 19:14 nlt

Over 2,000 students from preschool to high school.  Over 600 volunteers.  Multiple locations.  Lots of sponsors, prayers and encouragement.  Last year's event was over the top awesome, but it is time to plan and prepare for an even greater event.  This is written with the intent to INVITE YOU TO TAKE PART in back2school 2016.
This will be the greatest event we have put on as we seek to expand our reach.  Are you interested in helping?  Would your church like to get involved?  There is room for you and many, many others!
So here is a glimpse into it this special outreach event.  This is our 9th year.  Last year gave us the most students we've served at 2,000, yet through all the years of the back2school event we have served over 10,000 students.  That's a big and blessed number, and this year we are going to help thousands more.  The first 4 years were only at The Community Fellowship, and now through a great partnerships we expanded to multipule churches (serving Counties of Patrick, Henry, Pittsylvania, Franklin and beyond).   It is our desire to add more churches across southern Virginia and beyond in the future.
The back2school event offers students brand new shoes and socks as a volunteer washes the student's feet and talks to them about their dreams.  Each student will also receive a new backpack filled with school supplies.  We offer gently used clothes.  Students can also get a haircut if they want one.  It is our desire to keep the per student cost low, and those costs remain about $20 per student.
Volunteers are being sought to help with the preparation and putting on of the event.  We are seeking sponsors who will adopt students by committing to give or help raise the money needed to put on this event. All kinds of supplies are needed such as gently used clothes, school supplies, socks and more.  We simply ask you to help by getting involved and asking your family and friends to take part in this event.
Registration is a must and will take place in the middle of July (the 16th from 9am until noon and the 26st from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at all locations).  The back2school event is set for Saturday, August 6th.  We will be serving special needs children on Friday, August 5th.  Feel free to ask more questions by sending an email to or call at 276-565-8234. Thanks!
Here is an opportunity for GREAT IMPACT as Christians and churches lock arms and hearts to serve families who are in need.  With your help we can do so much more.  With your help this event can impact more families and demonstrate the love of God to each and every student that comes our way.  Would you consider asking your church to partner with us?  Would you consider adopting students and raising the money needed?
Help us help more kids.  I can't wait to share more details with you in the coming weeks!  Thank you ahead of time being part of the awesome team God is putting together!

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison

mail your donation to Post Office Box 388, Collinsville, VA 24078

call 276-565-8234 or email for more information

Here is a video to help explain:


Connie said...

This is great and I enjoyed viewing your blog. Our church works with similar ministry events. Check out my blogs if you have time. GrannyCamp4Me & risikili.blogspot ~ I'm in VA too.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Michael,
What is the cost of a pair of boy's shoes?
Thank you,
Jeanne Rumbley

Michael Harrison said...

Jeanne, shoes can have very different prices. we try to spend around $12.50 per student. Thank you for your help, Michael

happy birthday, Julie

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