Thursday, November 15, 2007

show you God exists // Thursday E-Devotion

John 15:13 (nlt) --- There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.
That verse hit me hard this morning as I was driving toward the church and spending a few minutes praying for some friends on my mind.  I sit down at my computer and read my daily devotion, and there this verse is.  Plain as a day.  The thought hits me hard ...
Laying down your life as little to do with the real kind of dieing but has lots to do with giving of yourself or being selfless.  That is real giving.
Last week week my wife and I were watching an older movie and really got into.  There is a character in the movie that had been put in prison for killing a man while he was protecting someone else.  Then as he is about to be released, the man does everything he can to help others.  A Christ kind of character, to say the least.
In the middle of the movie, the following quote I grabbed (Nicolas Cage in "ConAir"):  "I am gonna show you that God does exist."
Our lives either prove or disprove that God really lives.  Do people get God come us?  Are we willing to give stuff up, to lay down our lives so others can see and know the love of God?  Think about it.
What are we willing to give so that someone else can know God?  That is huge.
I challenge you and me today to show people that our God exists.  He is real.  To do that, we have to give.  Give ourselves.  Give our money.  Give our time.  Give us.  It is costly but it pays off.
An old saying I remember: we are never more like God than when we are giving.

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