Wednesday, December 5, 2007

bring it on // Wednesday E-Devotion

Yep.  Got up this morning and it was snowing.  Not cold enough for it to stick and not enough to really matter, but it was the fluffy little white stuff coming down.  I love it.  Bring it on.
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Winter wonderland.  Let it snow. get the picture.  This season reminds me of the huge blessings that all of us have (see yesterday's e-devotion).  Yet I got to keep on.
No, I am not telling you to ask the Lord for more and more blessings.  What I am saying is name the ones and claim the ones you already have.  You are blessed.  I am so blessed.  Last night, I had the honor of being a dad for while and spending a little time with each of the kids.  We talked, laughed and enjoyed some together.  My kids, all three, are so very different and so awesome.  Little later when their mom, my wife, got in from a church activity we talked and enjoyed a little more.  Honestly, I far too often neglect time with the fam.  I am blessed as a husband and as a dad.  How about you?
Ephesians 5:28 (nlt) --- In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself.
Proverbs 18:22 (nlt) --- The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,and he receives favor from the Lord. (I will second that motion)
Psalm 127:3 (nlt) --- Children are a gift from the Lord;they are a reward from him.
Man, am I looking forward to spending time with my family back in Oklahoma at Christmas.  Some of them I have not seen in 2 years.  That is too long.  Bring it on.
I close this devotion by pointing you to some people who have really encouraged me and/or our church in the past few months.  Have to say "thank you" to each and "praise the Lord" for all.  Bring it on!
Bear Garrett and our new friends at The ROC and their Soul Winning Soldier ministry.
Craig Groeschel and his new book Going All the Way as well as his blog.
My oldest brother Steve.  He works here.
My buddy John out in Texas (miss you, man).
Rodney Billings that I get to work with some.
There are many more, but I get I will stop there today!  We are blessing people.  Bring it on!  Celebrate is all about Him.

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Proverbs 18:22   NLT The man who finds a   wife   finds a treasure, and he receives   favor   from the   Lord . Yes, I have foun...