Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my 1st mentor

Spent some time today reading about, thinking about and praying for some kids in our church that need guidance.  That sent my mind to thinking about the people in my life that have meant much to me and my walk with God.  Of coarse my parents are a big part of that along with my brother, Steve, and a host of ministers and friends through the years.
One of those dudes that poured his life into me was PHIL DIETZ.  He was my youth pastor at Skelly Drive Baptist Church in Tulsa where I grew up. (That is his picture.)  Phil is now associate pastor for student ministries at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, Misouri.  This man was real.  The same at home, church and out playing with the guys.  I so appreciate Phil pouring his life and vision into me and the other students during that time.  Many of us are in ministry today because of Phil's influence.
Here is my favorite verse about giving your life away and seeing your impact make a difference in the world:
1 Thessalonians 3:8 (nasb) --- for now we really live, if you stand firm in the Lord.
Thank you, PHILLIP ROY DIETZ, for doing what God called you to do.  Blessings to you, Lisa, Ryan and Tyler!


K. LeeAnne S. said...

Hey there, so Phil was my youth pastor too, at pleasant valley, i'm so sad he isn't there anymore. but phil is the guy that made jesus real to me. he is the guy that made faith not just a word, or something i did because i grew up in a christian church. phil was that rock for me, that guy i knew i could count on when times were low or when i needed an extra prayer or hug. your entry was touching! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey (:
Phil is my youth pastor now.
He is so awesome and it's so cool seeing things like this. Thanks for posting.

God bless. (:

happy birthday, Julie

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