Tuesday, February 12, 2008

our sweet spot :: Tuesday E-Devotion

Micah 4:5 (nlt) --- Though the nations around us follow their idols,we will follow the Lord our God forever and ever.
Following God, we will find our sweet spot where we are fulfilled, excited and living in the overflow of our lives.  Too many people live on the edge of destruction or distraction rather than living in peace.  Even in a conversation yesterday with someone pretty much away from God, I heard a longing for that place...where the peace of God thrives and life is sweet.
Henry Blackaby in his book Experiencing God put it this way: "Find out where God is working, and join Him."
Let me take you to a post by a leader who inspires me but shocked me yesterday.  The Dude: Ben Arment.  The Blog: History in the making.  The Happening: A Personal Announcement.
Ben resigned Sunday as pastor of Reston Community Church, a church he planted 6 years ago (and is in our same convention).  He is also the creator of a brand new conference that I am going to and am excited about, Whiteboard Sessions.  What Ben shared is all about our sweet spot...about being in the place where your gifts are used best and where you are totally obeying God.  Lets listen a bit to Ben:
This might come as a surprise, but yesterday was my last day as pastor of Reston Community Church. I stepped down after a series of consultations with five, dear pastor-friends who helped me transition the church.
I've come to realize that as a pastor, I have not been operating out of my top gifts, which has exhausted me both spiritually and emotionally over the past few years.
I'm entrepreneurial, so starting the church 6 years ago was right up my alley. And I'm strategically-minded, so shaping an empowering organization was thrilling for me. I'm a producer by nature, so I lived for big Sundays. But for RCC to go to the next level, they need someone with a true pastor's heart...
This was a very difficult decision because our hearts bleed for the people of RCC. The church is our baby. But I'm leaving behind a thriving church with a strong leadership team, and they're full of faith that God is going to do incredible things through this church.
As for me, this decision took more faith than starting the church in the first place. I have more to lose, less certainty, a mortgage, a wife, and two small kids to care for. But there's something liberating about blindly following God's leading. I like not being in charge... seeing where the ride will take me.
What do we learn from Ben?
(1) God wants us to use our gifts, given to us by God, the best way we can.  (2) God has given us people who care and who are wise that can help us through life.  (3) Living outside of our sweet spot will exhaust us.  (5) Choosing the best helps everyone attached to us.  (7) It is best to leave situations at a high point rather than when you have led them into trouble.  (8) Faith means scary stuff but sweet steps where God has to show up and work in the middle of them...pray for Ben.
Thanks for letting me share with you from my heart.  And this is one those leadership times when I just pour out what I am thinking and what is on my heart.  Please pray for Ben, Ainsley and their boys.  We are going to see some big God stuff from this dude.
1 Samuel 15:22 (nasb) --- ...to obey is better than sacrifice...

Philippians 3:9 (nlt) --- and become one with him (God). I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through faith in Christ. For God's way of making us right with himself depends on faith.

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