Monday, March 3, 2008

Julie shared Sunday's message

Man am I proud of my Julie.  She takes great care of our family, puts up with me and keeps on doing the God stuff at church.  Then, my precious wife shared the message at The Community yesterday, and I have heard she did great.  Cannot wait to see the video (I travel home from Texas tomorrow).


Got a text message just after Community Worship let out yesterday with this message "YOU'RE FIRED".  The next text message read "WELCOME REV JULIE HARRISON OUR NEW MINISTER".  I expected the next message to be "DON'T WORRY ABOUT COMING HOME".  I know that won't happen, but I love the fact that even through the nerves and jitters, she hits an out of the park grand slam.


Ain't it is great to have a wife like this....I love and miss you, Julie.  See you Tuesday afternoon.  (Someone forward this blog post to her 'cause I don't know that she will see it...)

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