Tuesday, April 22, 2008

leadership thought from Gary Lamb

Great thoughts from a great dude. Gary Lamb says some things about leaders that I need, we need to hear. We MUST empower people to do what God has gifted them to do! Ministry is good....



Start of the week

Mondays are the day where I am beat down tired. Today was different. After being on the road so much, I was ready to get back into the routine. We shuffled a few things off my plate and today was the first day with those things changed. Long term it is going to be awesome, but it is a weird feeling not having my hand in everything.

There were a couple of times I was walking around the office and I was hearing conversations taking place about ministry and I wanted to jump right in and give my 2 cents, but I didn't. We have a great team and they are in place because they can do their jobs better than I can, I just have to let them. :)

The last hour of the day we had a young guy (man, that made me sound old) from town stop in. I've known the guy since we started Revolution though he has never been a part of our church. He recently feels God is leading him into the pastoral area of ministry and he could possibly have a very cool door open for him. I enjoyed talking to him and it got me pumped up seeing the desire he has to see a move of God.

I also enjoyed hearing his outsider perspective on Revolution. He lives in our community, has been to Revolution and works at another church in the county so I valued his insights. He said some things that really made me think and said some things that just amazed me at how different the culture is in our two churches. It was a good meeting.

I have a great feeling about what God is doing at Revolution right now not only on Sunday mornings, but through our staff and me personally. It is a fun and exciting time to be part of God's work.

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