Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great Post from Ben Arment


I was watching John Eldredge's webcast today from his Walking With God speaking tour going-on across the country and he showed a video of his teenage son telling a story about hearing God speak. A few months ago, I was watching Kerry Shook's TV broadcast, and he premiered a short film directed by his son for a national audience. The other week, I was hanging out in Erwin McManus' house and watched his son completely engaged with the leadership conversations around him. This past Sunday, I caught a few minutes of Jonathan Falwell preaching in his dad's stead...

I can't accuse any of these guys of nepotism. There is nothing more powerful in me than my desire to expose my sons to great opportunities and great experiences in ministry... to dream big... and to pursue the impossible.

Ben Arment wrote this post. On May 22 I am headed to Whiteboard Sessions (WiBo) that Ben is putting on. He is a creative dude that really encourages me as a leader, a father and as a Jesus follower. Click below to check out the conference (it is gonna be awesome).

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