Saturday, April 5, 2008

iPhone Pastor Appreciation day

Just a thought for those of you who really appreciate your pastor!  Here is a blog post I am copying from another site:

iPhone Pastor Appreciation Sunday

Sunday, April 20th is the Official iPhone Pastor Appreciation Day. It is on this day that someone in the congregation should buy their pastor(s) the 16 GB Apple iPhone and two year service plan from AT&T and present it to them for a job well done. Actually I am starting this movement with this blog entry. Please do your best to pass this entry around to as many as possible.

Every pastor needs an iPhone to help carry out the duties of their call. To be in constant contact with the flock at all times via voice, text, and email is a reality in this modern age of communication. An iPhone will allow your pastor to listen to some of the worlds best preachers/teachers via the iPod functionality of the iPhone. This will no doubt enhance his leadership and speaking abilities. Not only that, but he will be able to update his blog with spiritual manna so that many will be fed on a daily basis.

Yes, an iPhone is a spiritual tool in the right hands of the right man.

I must confess, I am an Appleholic. I haven't always been an Appleholic, but when I gave in to the first taste of OSX and all of it's useable glory, I could not contain myself and the urge to have more.

I am not alone. There are many that I know that have been swayed by this temptress. Steve Jobs knows exactly what he is doing. He gives us a fix every three-four months with a new product, a new update, a new announcement. Just enough to keep us coming back for more. That shiny chrome Apple logo calls us to the local Apple store to entice us to spend money that should be used for the mortgage, groceries, your kid's braces, but resistance is futile. What is happening?

Apple has been called a cult. It's users labeled as arrogant.

If you have a problem with any of this, drop me an email or comment and I will get back to you.

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