Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just some leadership thoughts...
Wanting MORE and having VISION are part of good leader's DNA.  The issue of "buying in" through being a part (thus giving of yourself and everything else) is what stewardship is all about.  I get that, and the people who are "in" make life and ministry that much sweeter.  Getting others "in" is God's work and my need at church.
This VISION for The Community Fellowship is so clear in my mind.  In fact, I see some things that I cannot even share as of yet.  Some is still a ways away.  That is tough and I am still learning.  One of those is a step of faith.  I understand that the church will only go as far as I have gone or am willing to go.  Once again, that is the point where the enemy loves to kick me or keep me back.  I want MORE and I mean MORE of God and MORE impact in this community of ours.  I say that I am willing to do what it takes, and that is so stretching.
I sent this from Perry Noble earlier today.  Good stuff to say the least.  That is where I am and SO want to be.  Perry wrote:
"White hot, hell charging, world changing & people inspiring vision comes from intentional and uninteruppeted time with HIS word, seeking HIS face through prayers-staying connected with HIS Holy Spirit throughout the day.
"So when people ask me, 'Where do you get your vision?'  My answer is always the time...I meet with God & I don't move until He tells me to move...but WHEN He tells me to move I go until He tells me to stop...
"Leadership is as easy as listening to God..."
Right now the commitment to the new work is so very good.  My heart and my prayer is that this work will make such an impact and see God work in huge ways that we cannot exaplain it in any other way that "look what God is doing".

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