Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bloglines - Happy Birthday Dad!

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Great post from my brother about our dad (his birthday was yesterday)...

Steve__idiot all in__

Happy Birthday Dad!

By steve

Today is my dad's birthday...he was born in Bowie, TX on May 5, _ _ _ _ to Bill and Dimple Harrison and is the 2nd of 4 children. The oldest of 3 boys, I am sure he was a challenge to his parents. Anyway, I am very grateful for the example he has set in front of me and I am thankful that he loves the Lord. He has always been supportive of me, encouraged me, has loved his grandkids, often surprises us by showing up at the house for whatever reason...he is an awesome dad! As you see in this picture he is working in the yard and he probably still mows his grass twice a week whether it needs it or not. I borrowed this picture from his pastors photoblog...my folks are very involved at Skelly Drive Baptist Church here in Tulsa. If my dad, who is now retired is not out chewing the fat with his once customers in the parts business, he may be found walking at the Promenade Mall, is also often taking care of his other yard at the church where he is on the lawn crew, he might even be in charge, or as my mom says just out chasing his traps. He has been married to my mother for coming up on 48 years...wow!...neat!... a great example for Susie and I...thanks mom and dad! ...thanks for all you have done for me! I feel lucky to call you dad! I appreciate you! Thanks for always encouraging me! Thank you for being there! I will continue to pray for you and asking the Lord to grant you many more years of full health and strength to enjoy each day! You are a blessing to me! You are a blessing to my family! Have a wonderful day! Above all, richest blessings to you this day that the Lord has made! I love you dad!

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art rogers said...

Great picture. Must be a phenomenal photographer to make the subject loo THAT good. :)

happy birthday, Julie

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