Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a message from GOD

As I drove to Northern Virginia today getting ready for the Whiteboard Sessions conference tomorrow, I heard from the Lord.
I love listening to messages by some great pastors.  Listened to Perry Noble, Craig Groeschel, Andy Stanley and Frances Chan.  All were good.  All spoke to me where God has been talking.  So so good.
But Frances Chan's message was what God was screaming at me and sharing with me (especially as we move toward our baptism service this Sunday).  Go to his church website, click on media and go to the sermon for 4/13/08 to listen...Simple thought: God saved us not to just save us, forgive us and send us to heaven.  He saved us to make us part of the family, His church and to function as one body.  That is a huge thought.
I continue to plead with God about ministry partners and partnership, like what we talked about yesterday in devotion.  Sunday the Lord has put a message on my heart about, yet it leads us to our "One Prayer" series coming in June.  We are not lone rangers or out here on our own.  God intends for us to work together, love one another and be part of His family in big, big ways.  Dudes and dudetts, that is COMMUNITY.  Yep, we've been talking about it for a LONG time.  God is building in us and around us community, His community.  That is so we can become more like Jesus and win more and more people to Him.  The heart of God is leading us to be more like a real church.  Catch that!
I first heard Frances Chan at the 2007 Catalyst Conference. (note the picture)  God is so good!

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