Friday, May 23, 2008

Perry Noble's notes from Whiteboard Sessions are good.....

WiBo Notes

I didn't have wifi during the conference…so here is the "Big Idea(s)" that I took away from each speaker.

Mark Batterson 

  • God is HUGE and our dreams are too small.
  • One of our problems is that we stop dreaming and start imitating the people around us.
  • We need dreams that are WAY beyond our ability to accomplish without God's help.

Vince Antonucci

  • There are people who have never heard that God loves them.  He asked, "How is it possible that I lived in America and no one ever told me that God loves me?"  DANG!
  • Eight million LESS people are going to church today than 20 years ago…we have a problem.
  • The most messed up people in the world wanted to hang out with Jesus–do the most messed up people want to hang out with you?  (DANG AGAIN!)

Tim Stevens

  • Most churches are not impacting their community; in fact, they are getting in the way.
  • Many people are unaware and uninspired when it comes to church.
  • Spiritual interest is growing in our culture–they just aren't taking the questions to church.  We are answering questions that they aren't asking.
  • People ARE on a spiritual journey…they are just taking it without Jesus.

Darrin Patrick

  • We don't "fall" into sin but rather exchange our object of worship.
  • You WILL worship & serve…you were created to be captivated by something bigger than yourself.
  • Most of the time we are clueless about our idols!
  • When we say, "When I get BLANK–whatever that BLANK is is our idol."
  • I am completely sinful YET I am fully accepted!
  • I am a bigger sinner than I thought but He is a bigger Savior than I thought!

John Burke

  • If we stay connected (John 15:5) fruit happens!
  • We need to constantly ask ourselves the questions, "Is Jesus enough?"
  • A sailboat has to rely on the power of the wind and constantly be willing to adjust its sails and rudder to harness the power the wind provides–we need to be willing to do the same with the Holy Spirit.

I didn't get to hear Mark Dever (except for a few minutes…and he was incredible!)  AND…I had to leave after I spoke…so I missed Ed Stetzer…but heard he KNOCKED it out of the park!  (Of course!)

Overall…I thought this conference was OUTSTANDING!  Seriously, Ben did an incredible job…Jay ran around like a chicken with his head cut off to make things happen…and there were several people behind the scenes that made it all come together.

Every speaker was incredible…and God used each one of them to seriously challenge me…and encourage me as well!

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