Friday, May 16, 2008

response to E-Devotion of 5-15-08

Wade has been a great encourager for some time.  Below is a note full of insight from our conversation yesterday...this is good!

Hi Michael,

As I have enjoyed and absorbed your emails this past week, it brings to mind the whole faith issue.  That is to say, ALL of us put faith in someone or something.  Think about it, we get into an elevator, push the button and go to the 33rd floor of a high rise.  By a faith, we believe the elevator cable will hold while it is suspending us 250 feet up in the air.  Or perhaps we drive along the highway, and we have faith that on coming traffic will stay in their lanes!  Or that airplane will stay in the air!  It goes on and on.

Why is it easier for us to put a faith in the man made natural realm rather than the REAL supernatural realm?  Do we dare to take God at His Word?  Why do so many doubt that God wont do what He says He will do.  Hmm! 

My youngest son, will stand in the bed of my truck, and if I say jump to me, he will do it without an ounce of hesitation.  Why, because he listens my voice and knows I will catch him. He puts his little faith in the hands of his daddy who calls him.  How much more, by faith, we should run into the arms of our Heavenly Daddy (Abba), who calls us His little children.

My the Lord continue to give you discernment and strength through the power of the Holy Spirit.  And may He richly bless you with the resources to grow and reach people by showing them the love of Christ.


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