Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bible: taking time to dig in


Chapter 1 FELLOWSHIP --- connecting with God and people

By declaring truth we are complete, and we help people connect with God

We have to experience connecting with God before we can talk about it.

God is light. Fellowship comes in the light.

Living in the untruth cuts off connection with God, lives and thrives off of lies and spreads darkness.

The blood of Jesus is the key to being able to connect with God.

When we connect (fellowship) with people and with God you find an atmosphere of forgiveness, freedom and real fellowship.


Jesus is our advocate and the substitute, by taking our place.

God gave the commandments to draw us to Him and to connect us to Him.

Truth and love cannot be separated and they breed more understanding of what God has done for us and to us.

Loving the world keeps us for seeing God and keeps us from having real spiritual perspective.

Living for God, loving others and knowing or being confident of our future are results or the overflow of choosing to live for God.

What an awesome gift --- abiding with God, anointing of His teaching, seeing and having righteousness.

All this speaks from and about humility.

Chapter 3 GOD LOVES US. Live in that love.

His love is awesome and unending and hard to understand. It makes us His kids.

Children act like their parents. Our father loves big time. So, we are to love!

Some stuff keeps us from knowing we are loved or from loving others. The biggest is sin. God's kids are not characterized by sin. They, we, won't stay in it.

When we are convinced of His love, we stick closer to Him.

Not loving depicts dead life and life not connected to God.

Love is not just something we talk about. It is real and what we practice. In living color and living reality.

Sometimes, no often we are our worst critics. But knowing God's love kicks that condemnation out of our lives.

By knowing and living in the this love we experience God and have a deep sense of His presence.

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