Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bible: taking time to dig in

First John




Watch out for idols in our lives.  They take many different forms.  Idols distract us from seeing God.


Love is the true mark of God's child.  Knowing that God loves us and accepting that love will change everything about us.


The only way to keep the world's stuff out of our lives or what it loves away from what we love is to keep Christ first.


When we really belong to God His spirit bears witness of that truth.  The outcome is that we think with eternity in mind.


We can and must have confidence in our salvation.


Prayer is a huge part, or ought to be, of God's kids lives.  Believe Him.  Act like you believe it.  Prayer is a great way to deal with sin.


A new outlook on life keeps the Christian from staying in or close to sin.


All of this teaches us about the ease of having idols in our lives.



Second John




Everyone gets charged up by seeing people succeed in what really matters.  To watch people get to know and walk with Jesus makes me more excited.


We love God by loving what He loves.  Not rules but people.  That means we acknowledge that commandments and Scripture teach us how to love God and how to love people.


It is easy to be deceived.  Watch who we listen to, who we believe and who we spend time with.  That will steal our truth.


Spend time influencing people face to face in love.



Third John




Encourage the people you notice potential in.  Help them recognize that potential and celebrate with people when they do right.


Associate with people who are influencers and help each other get stronger.


Recognize wrong ambition and avoid it.  Mark selfishness as being wrong focus and even evil.


Share with people in person what you feel in your heart and what is true.  Be a great encourager.
That ends my look at 1,2 & 3 John...stay tuned in for what is next from the Old Testament as I take time to dig into the Bible.



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steve said...

Thanks For sharing! I enjoy the 'taking time to dig in', good thoughts. Blessings!

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