Tuesday, June 3, 2008

for the greater good [+] Tuesday E-Devotion

Exodus 3:10 (nlt) --- Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh. You must lead my people Israel out of Egypt.
God speaking.  Moses listening.  God's people in the balance.
What a huge statement for God to make.  Earlier we hear the Almighty saying, "I have heard my people."  There is something so awesome and sweet about this one simply verse where God called a man to Himself and spoke to Him about His people.
Notice that I believe this is what God's business is all about.  He doesn't call people for their personal good alone.  He doesn't call people just so they will be happier or more comfortable.  Our gracious and great God calls people so they will impact more and more people.  He calls people for the collective good for God's people.
What was Moses to do?  He had the tool He needed.  He had a word from God.  He had the need slapped in front of him, but Moses was running.  He was seeking a place a bit more comfortable to live and breathe and be out of harms way.  What was God seeking?  God was seeking a man who would sell out for the greater good.  No matter the cost.  This man would pledge his life and affection, his death and difficulties to accomplish something bigger than Himself.
Hear this: God is calling His people to something bigger than themselves.
Years ago I heard the term "God-Sized" and it has continued to haunt my dreams in a good way.
One Prayer.  The possibility of The Community Fellowship and House of Prayer becoming one church.  Lost people around me every day.
The greater good.  Higher calling.  It is not about me.  It is about what God says and where God leads.  It is about loosing my thoughts and my ambition so that those regions of my life can be filling with divine purpose and fulfilment.  God wants to fill leaders who will yield to His plan.
Moses had a choice.  God got His attention, the burning bush.  God told Moses what He wanted, His people out of Egypt.  God gave Moses all He needed, a message and some tools.  All that is left is Moses saying yes.
How many of us have come face to face with the living God, maybe not a burning bush experience, but we have been with God and we have failed to answer or we answered no?  Moses pleaded with God over and over, and God persisted.  God wouldn't stop.  Finally, here is what Moses did:
Exodus 4:20 (nlt) --- So Moses took his wife and sons, put them on a donkey, and headed back to the land of Egypt. In his hand he carried the staff of God.
Moses yielded.  He said yes to God with his actions.  Leaders who are successful make sure their lives and their leadership count for the greater good.  They will sacrifice self for the people who have cried out to God.  This leader will head in a new direction, will tackle huge opponents, will shout tough marching orders and will do all this so that the one He is following is followed by the body, the people who need God.
Is that a picture of me?  Is that a picture of you?
God make us leaders who make a difference in the places you have called us to.

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