Friday, June 27, 2008

This Weekend @ The Community

COMMUNITY WORSHIP (sunday at 10.10 am)
Don't miss our last piece of the ONE PRAYER series as we ask God to MAKE US ONE.  This sure to be the "icing on the cake" and the beginning of a beautiful marriage between our two churches.  I am excited about what we will hear and be part.  More so, I am excited about where we are headed.  Don't miss any of what is head.  There are a couple surprises on Sunday.  Are you Ready?
Your help is needed at the House of Prayer beginning at 9 am Saturday as we share items (personal hygiene and household cleaning) with those in need.  Please come volunteer.  Come ready to share, serve and be a blessing.  Have questions?  Call Carol at 340-2339.
SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT (begins Friday at 7 pm)
All players and others are needed as our team may be a little slim with some people on vacation and out of pocket.  We play Friday and will also play on Saturday (time depends on what happens tonight.  Got questions?  Call Eric at 340-1797.
God has called us to "demonstrate the love of God to our community" and beyond.  How we trust Him and how we serve Him in the coming days is going to leave a big mark on our county and on us for Christ.  Are we willing to serve?  Are we willing to be uncomfortable for Jesus?  This is an awesome time to love God and to let Him love others through us.  See you this weekend as we enjoy the community together!


Michael Harrison, Lead Pastor, The Community Fellowship, Collinsville, VA
276-647-TCF1 (8231)

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