Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family, Faith & the Father

What an awesome trip! My family is almost home from a 3,000 mile, 10
day super journey. Lots of blessings and time well spent.


- extra time with my wife and kids
- seeing the Turnhams and their twin grandsons. We miss them at The
- family time with the Higgins gang. They are our adopted family and
- conversation with Tim K whose blog I help with...a godly politician
- hugging my mom
- scooterpootin with my dad (just running around)
- seeing my brother Ric cause I miss him
- swimming with Finn (my brother Steve's 50 pound bulldog)
- meeting Kent Shafer of
- time with grandma Bobbie and other family and friends
- speaking at Skelly Dr, my home church
- going to even though Derrick was gone
- getting an iPhone (writing this post from it)
- sharing common ground and time with Steve
- hating to say goodbye
- meeting Jack Glowen, e-devotion reader
- crossing the Virginia state line

Along the way God has talked to me, held me and given fresh stuff and
insight I'm ready to share.

Real family, faith and the Father every day ... great gifts!

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