Friday, August 29, 2008

home prayer meetings for "30 Days to Live"

Hello Community family,
We are getting ready to start our new series 30 Days to Live. Before starting this series we are wanting to have several in-home prayer meetings, each night September 2-13, so that we can all be ready for such an amazing series.  We need 11 homes in order to make this work. At this time we have the following:
Doug and Deb Mosley, Tammyand David Gray, Justin and Sarah Taylor, Susi and Greg Fulcher, Jennifer McDaniel, and Trey and Sheri Harris
Only 11 more homes to go.  After we have all 11, you will be asked what night you can host this event.  One of our leadership team members will be at each to lead the prayer time.  We are simply asking for you to open your home and share in a time of prayer.  You don't have to clean, and you don't have to have a mansion. We just need homes where the lord is served.

Let us know by e-mail ( or by phone (276-647-8231) that you will help and please do this before Saturday evening, August 30th.  This is a great time to be part of The Community fellowship family!

Pastor Michael (James 1:5)

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