Thursday, August 21, 2008

Margaret Feinberg speaking at The Community Fellowship Sept 6 and 7

Margaret Feinberg will be speaking September 6th and 7th at The Community Fellowship in Collinsville, Virginia.  YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND.  For information please call the church (276-647-8231) or go to Margaret's website ( or The Community Fellowship's website (


SPEAKER, AUTHOR, INSPIRATION (taken from her website)

A popular speaker at churches and leading conferences such as Fusion, Catalyst, and LeadNow, Margaret Feinberg invites people to discover the relevance of God and His Word in a modern world. Audiences love her ability to connect the practical with the spiritual.

Recently named by Charisma magazine one of the "30 Emerging Voices" who will help lead the church in the next decade, she has written more than a dozen books including the critically-acclaimed The Organic God (Zondervan). While Twentysomething and What the Heck Am I Going to Do With My Life? have established her as an expert on reaching the next generation, people of all ages connect with her relational teaching style.

Margaret currently lives in Morrison, Colorado, with her 68 husband, Leif. When she's not writing or traveling, she enjoys anything outdoors, shopping, laughing and drinking skinny vanilla lattes with her friends. But she says some of her best moments are spent communicating with her readers.

BRAND NEW BOOK (taken from


The Sacred Echo was released earlier this summer.  This book challenges readers not to listen for the seemingly distant voice of God as much as to listen for the echo. When God really wants to get your attention, he doesn't just say something once, he echoes. He speaks through a Sunday sermon, a chance conversation with a friend the next day, and even a random email. The same theme, idea, impression, or lesson will repeat itself in surprising and unexpected ways until you realize that maybe, just maybe, God is at work. As God's voice echoes to us, we are invited to echo back to him in prayer. We are invited to be persistent and tenacious not only in the things we ask but also in our desire for a relationship with him.



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