Sunday, August 24, 2008

Men's Day & a Wedding

Rootbeer floats, wedding cake and great music. What do they have in
common? It was this morning at The Community Fellowship.

Men's Day had been on the calendar for over two months when we learned
that one our ladies moms was diagnosed with cancer. Tests are not good
and treatment started immediately. Her wedding was set for over a
month later, but mom's health was about to take a big hit due to high
powered treatments. What did we do?

Walk in the door with me. 2 bass boats from Angler's Choice outside.
Numerous taxidermied fish, a deer head, a bob cake and more just
inside from Sonny Joyce. Across the room, set for a wedding reception.
It was an awesome day. Rootbeer floats are being served, too.

Many people who don't go to church showed up. Several of them we've
been praying for their salvation. Special music from NewFound was
good! In 90 minutes we worshiped, absorbed some Jesus through the
Bible and participated in Karri and Matt's wedding ceremony. It was

It is all about loving people. Meeting people where they are and
talking about Jesus. No telling how many hits, or seeds were sown, at
The Community this morning.

More to come ...

"I have become just about sort of servant there is in my attempts to
lead those I meet into a God-saved life." 1 Corinthians 9:22b (MSG)

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