Saturday, September 20, 2008

discipling our kids

Perry Noble posted early this week something that hit my heart.  We have to think about this one LOTS.  Please join me in prayer and in doing the right things as it comes to our kids.  So, without further words, here is Perry:

Three Things For Pastors To Keep In Mind–Part Three

This is the final post in this series…

#3 - Your Kids Are Your Number One Discipleship Opportunity And Should NEVER Be Abandoned For The Sake Of The Church.

Your kids are a blessing from the Lord! I know Charisse is a blessing!!!

I know way too many pastors who will neglect their family (especially their kids) and then claim, "God has called me into ministry and what I can't give my family He will make up for supernaturally!"

A pastor who uses this excuse needs to have his man parts removed!!! Seriously! The excuse used above is cowardly and pathetic!

Pastors, my daughter isn't impressed with me! She could care less that I speak to thousands every week…but she does care about whether or not I take her outside to swing…or I chase her though the house…or we take a trip to see the ducks.

Dude, I've GOT to be honest here…if you neglect your kids for the sake of ministry…it will come back to haunt you. I know a lot of older pastors who pushed their kids to the side and now have horrible relationships with them.

We can't push our kids aside "for the ministry," they ARE OUR MINISTRY! AND…in several years they won't be running around screaming for the church to disciple them because we actually embraced that role and discipled them ourselves.

Our kids are a blessing…we need to prioritize them and treat them that way.

"But how," you ask…you've got to SCHEDULE TIME & FOLLOW THROUGH…even when you feel like the work at the church is incomplete. And by the way…when was the last time you felt like everything at the church was "done!"

I am NOT an expert at this…but I am learning.  AND…I know if I do not schedule things and place them as a priority…they probably won't get done.

For example…every Monday and Tuesday night I have dinner at home with 'Cretia and Charisse…and I hardly ever let ANYTHING get in the way of this.

Wednesday night is date night for 'Cretia and I…ALWAYS!  The best think I can do for Charisse is have a dynamic relationship with 'Cretia!

On the weekends I am almost ALWAYS with my girls!

And…on Saturday mornings…that's the day 'Cretia gets to sleep in…and I get up, get Charisse up, give her breakfast…and then we go "on a date!"  AND…I do just about everything in my power to MAKE this happen…and I DON'T USE MINISTRY as an excuse!

Dads…let me be very clear…I've always heard that they "grow up fast" and I now believe it.  It seemed like I blinked and she was born…I blinked again and she was one!!!  She'll be gone before I know it…and I don't want to be the guy saying, "I wish I had spent more time with my family!"

Your family deserves your undivided attention! YES, it's tough…but you and I have GOT to be there for them!

God will take care of HIS family (the church)…He wants us to take care of ours!

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