Friday, September 26, 2008

legacy and misc good stuff [+] Friday E-Devotion

We move to week 3 of our 30 Days to Live series and are talking about the kind of legacy that we want to leave when we are gone.  I have several thoughts that I want to pass you way today, and consider yourself warned as I seem to be all over the place today.

First, a brand new movie comes out this weekend called Fireproof.  It stars Kirk Cameron and is a story of marriage and faith and living life on purpose.  Click here to learn more about the movie.  The story tells about how our lives seem to go in all sorts of crazy direction, and yet we need to remember that relationships matter.  People matter more than anything else.  One HUGE part of legacy is letting those you care about know that you really care.

Second, I am always touched by the testimonies of people who live for God.  Yesterday I asked for you to share about "acts of random kindness" (ARK's) that you have done.  Some great stories have come my way, and I will be sharing them.  One truth I got yesterday is a story about Zig Ziglar and how he has dealt with life since falling last summer.  His sense of humor and positive attitude shines in all he does.  His son, Tom , has some great things to share about his dad in this article (click here ).

Finally, it is amazing to sit back and watch God work.  In the last few weeks, The Community has been able to be part of several big things (some we can share and others are not ready yet), but in each we have seen lives lives.  What encourages me most is the people who are seeking God and falling more and more in love with God.  Think about it: we know we are doing what God called us to do when people are turning to God.  There is nothing else THIS satisfying in life!

Matthew 5:16 (nasb) ---Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Legacy is what others think of you once you have left the scene.  What kind of person are you?  What do you do for others?  Is about selfishness or selflessness?  Thats a big deal. Life that is lived giving will leave a legacy that will change the world and point toward God.  I don't know about you, but that's my choice.

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