Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Economy, fear and perspective

This note came from friend of a friend from a small coastal North Carolina town...

    In the face of frightening reports form far off, I find the sun is still shining on this little corner of the world.

    Friday, the papers and the airwaves were full of the most distressing news of home evictions, failing banks, crashing stock prices and desperate, flood-gate bailouts. I wondered when the great and roiling waters would reach these placid shores. On the way to my bank--a branch of one of those failed institutions--I steadied my heart and lifted my prayers that I might be calm in that moment.

    The moment has yet to come.

    I stopped by the home office and picked up my check; it was of satifactory heft and of authentic signature. I stopped by the bank and, as the sole customer, deposited my check, pocketing a receipt and a fold of spending cash. The teller added, to my surprise, that it was 'Customer Appreciation Day,' and indicating tables in the corner, invited me to have a refreshment.

    There in the corner were tables of donuts, cakes and sweets, as well as hot coffee and an ice chest of waters and sodas. I served myself some peach pie and a sweet coffee.

    Take heart, America; deposit your check, pay your bills, and keep a little cash in your pocket--some cash that reads across the top on the back side: 'In God We Trust.'

    And have a piece of peach pie.

Good perspective.  The market was up yesterday, and after some time with God this morning, I hear and see that God is so very good and still is our God!  Perspective means a lot.

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