Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Introducing JOE SANGL

You've got to meet Joe Sang l.  This dude is passionate about what he does.  What is that?  Getting people out of debt, freeing them to live and helping them live the way God intended.  I have had some folks praying for me for a long time and asking me to read Joe's book, I Was Broke, Now I'm Not.  So, at Catalyst '08 , I met Joe.  In the picture with me is Joe Sangl and Aaron Swensen from's Tulsa campus.  Keep an eye out and your ears open for more info on Joe.  Go read this blog post on Joe's website .  Later....

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Mike said...

We had Joe at our church back in April and it was awesome. He did his Financial Freedom Experience weekend class and people are still talking about it. But more importantly, people are still knocking out debt. I'm looking forward to bringing him back up sometime in the future.

It's much easier to get people to commit to a weekend class rather than a 13 week study.

It was also great meeting you at Catalyst. We'll talk soon

happy birthday, Julie

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