Tuesday, October 28, 2008

urgent prayer request

This is an email from a missionary friend in Honduras. Please pray for
the missonaries, Hondurans and for God's mercy and peace.


> Flooding in Honduras—
> We have had several days of heavy rains but since yesterday it is
> even heavier.
> My daughter called requesting prayer. The town where they live (one
> hour away) is located on the mouth of the river. The river has
> flooded, probrably the dam broke loose, and the town is flooded. Two
> people have already drowned. Her husband is helping rescue people
> and they have over 50 extra people in their house seeking shelter.
> This week is the 10th year anniversay of Hurricane Mitch.
> My husband is in Brazil and will return to Honduras on Nov. 10.
> Please pray for this situation.
> Thank you
(This missionary serves with Wycliffe in LaCeiba, Honduras. I served
with Cornerstone at hospital Loma de Los near Balfate, Honduras where
the flooding is.)

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Pete Wilson said...

Praying for you guys right now!

happy birthday, Julie

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