Saturday, November 29, 2008

those were the days

This is my Uncle and Aunt from San Antonio, Texas.  

A little history ... not long after I graduated from high school, I made my way to Dallas, Texas for Bible college.  While in Dallas I was blessed to live with Nick and Shelly Harrison who living in Dallas at the time.  Those were the days.  

They have 2 great kids (one just had his 2nd child with his wife, and second is about to get married).  I learned to eat a lot of things that I didn't like before.  OH MY, I remember coming into the house after school many days to the smell of fresh bread. Nothing compares... My aunt can cook (please come to Virginia soon). My uncle was a voice of reason and encouragement.  Those were the days.

I learned much and was (and am) so blessed to have a great family.  Greetings to and thank you to Nick and Shelly Harrison!

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