Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joe Sangl's "10 Reasons I Promote Debt Freedom"

I cannot really tell you the feelings that Julie and I are having at this moment.  Joy and confidence are real.  Yesterday we met with Joe Sangl for the 2nd time.  Joe is a the pastor of financial counseling and planning at NewSpring in Anderson, South Carolina.  

These are not magic tips, but Joe promotes what the Bible says about our money and how we, as God's kids, can win with money and use it for the best God has for us.  In fact, Julie and I have had fewer fights and are now on the same page about how we spend our money and lead our family.

This is good.  Below is a blog post from Joe.  People, I am excited to tell you that I want to lead others to find the peace of God in every area of life.  Read on:

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10 Reasons I Promote Debt Freedom

Here are ten reasons that I promote debt freedom …

  1. I can give more away
  2. Debt means that I have already spent some of tomorrow's income
  3. Lenders control the terms of debt which means that they have the potential to control me
  4. Cash-paid-for-in-advance vacations are AWESOME!
  5. I can invest more
  6. Less stress!
  7. My wife is happier when there is no financial stress
  8. Bill paying time is reduced by 90%
  9. Paying cash instead of using debt means that I have to wait to make a purchase.  The waiting process helps me process the decision much more thoroughly and has made me a much wiser consumer.
  10. I need to earn less to maintain the same lifestyle.

What others would you add?

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