Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Starbucks Generosity Chain

Reprinting this from Ben Arment's History in the Making 

The Starbucks Generosity Chain


So apparently here at our friendly Suwanee Starbucks there was an epidemic of generosity that broke out on Monday morning. A long line of customers starting paying for the drinks behind them. It went on and on - it was going to be some kind of world record - until someone here at our company (who shall remain nameless =) unknowingly broke the chain. Hey, I wouldn't have done it either... I ain't paying for someone's venti and a bag of muffins. =)

We continue our GIVE BACK challenge along with our LOVE MORE ... EXPECT LESS. series at The Community Fellowship and I am looking for great stories of how others are giving to others.  This one caught my attention.  Make someone's day at Starbucks or McDonald's or wherever you may be this Christmas week...

happy birthday, Julie

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