Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday afternoon

It was a huge weekend for us.  God is doing lots of things that many get my motor running.  So, do you mind if I spill just a bit?

Upward Basketball is awesome.  Cas McCaslin is a man with big time, God-sized vision (he began and leads Upward).  Our little boy, 5 year old Ryan, had his 2nd practice Saturday.  Man, I love watching my kids get excited about stuff like this.  My dad even commented that Ryan may be the next Michael Jordan.  I told him that he would have to get his athletic ability somewhere other than from me.

The Community is now hosting exercise classes from an area organization.  Last Monday and Saturday I loved watching some of our people get involved along with lots of folks from our area.  What an awesome thing to see our building open for community events.  My prayer...Lord use us and what you have have given us to touch others for you.

Most of this week I will be with friends who are part of Raceway Ministries around the United States at the annual meeting of the National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries.  We are led by a true visionary dude named Roger Marsh.  I love spending time with these folks who love sharing Jesus with race fans. I mean there is nothing like the smell of burnt rubber, burning high octane fuel, loud Christian music while you give some body a cup of water or coffee as you talk about Jesus.  Yes. (last years meeting was in Vegas and this years is in the middle of no where or Talladega, will be good).

Last night's small group Bible study along with our worship experience yesterday morning did something in me once again.  It reaffirmed the reason we do what we do and why God is using our church.  I have never been more excited and more consumed by the vision that God has given me.  I see people stepping up to serve that just months ago didn't know Jesus.  I hear stories of how people are giving their lives for Christ at work and at home and beyond.  With my own eyes, I am watching God change lives.  By the way, that is what this is all about ... life change.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Then I get back to look in the mirror.  I have a long way to go.  What an awesome weekend it has been to watch people like Shaun King plant a new church in downtown Atlanta, to hear the overflow from Perry Noble's NewSpring and a brand new campus opening, incredible numbers and people saved at Tulsa's and their other locations, and even what God did at a church just around the corner from us.  I have a long way to go, but I am not alone.  Thank God, I am not alone.

I love the people that I get to do ministry with.  Some of the greatest people in the world serve right here at The Community.  Then there are some other people I have connected with in ministry miles away that I communicate with almost daily (like Matt and Andy).  Those guys rock my world through questions, concerns, praying and so much more.  We are in this thing together.

One last thought, in 2009 I want to be the best I can be which means I have to answer the question I posed from my devotion of earlier today: what am I spending my life on?  In my answer (or in my obituary) I long to let people know that I love my wife and kids and that I love Jesus.  What am I spending my life on?

That's enough.  More later...

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